Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Evony:how to get 100k prestige while under protection Guide

Let’s set things straight right off; I do not think prestige is important for judging someone’s abilities in game, it has its uses but for the most part it means nothing. This guide is to explain how prestige works and how easily it can be gained.

By the end of this guide hopefully I will have explained well enough for someone to follow the same steps and reach over 100,000 prestige before beginner protection wears off without spending a single dollar

Let’s get the screen shot out of the way, everyone want’s to see the goods first so here is one of three; they can all be found in neat-n-tidy little links at the bottom of the article.

There are three basic and very important rules for pulling this off:

* Do NOT upgrade your town hall past level two
* Do NOT go past the rank AND title of Civilian, ever.
* Make sure you can monitor the account and keep your build queues full

The first two rules deal with game mechanics, it is a fact that with each upgrade of the Town Hall and with each Rank/Title increase you receive less prestige for performing the same actions as a lower ranking individual with a crappy Town Hall. I guess this is their way of trying tie it back to a real world sort of understanding; for example if the President builds a school we say great he’s doing his job. If Joe Blow collects money, coordinates volunteer help, and erects a school he is a hero; same sort of concept in evony, except there are way more swords in our little world.

The third rule comes down to time management really, obviously the more you build the more prestige you get, and after the first three days or so you will start to pull ahead of the other llamas gaining prestige faster and in larger quantities as d-day approaches.

Enough with the babbling, this is for the most part what I did to achieve my 100k+ before protection wore off.

* Upgraded to Town Hall lvl2 at the last possible moment
* Never accepted the promotion quests
* Built 15 cottages to populate my workforce
* Built 4 of every resource type ( see photo for levels ), and maxed out as much as I could with the population I have
* Built 1 of every other building type ( except warehouse of course )
* Researched non-stop, first focusing on the resource enhancements.
* Bought low / sold high on the market to help when times got tough

Here are my research and wall stats to hopefully show I do come out of noob mode with fists in the air.


* Agriculture 6
* Lumbering 6
* Masonry 6
* Mining 6
* Metal Casting 4
* Informatics 6
* Military Science 5
* Military Tradition 5
* Iron Working 4
* Logistics 3
* Compass 5 ( don’t hate, it’s my next project )
* Horseback Riding 1
* Archery 6
* Medicine 3
* Construction 3
* Engineering 2

Wall lvl7

* Trade 300
* Abatis 300
* Archery Tower 3300

This would be way more successful if you have a feeder account on the same server, or in other words someone to keep feeding you resources to make up for our smaller plots.

Damn, that was extremely simple. I’m running on empty here ( 112+ hour work week for the last two weeks ), I apologize for any grammatical issues I will clean it up when I clear my head in a week or so.


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  2. This doesn't work anymore cuz academy can only be build when townhall is lvl 2

  3. well...I could make it if I'd have the time...I made it to 80k prestige, and I played like 8 hours daily

  4. nice but i think the players should upgrade townhall to level 2 at the latest time possible